I am the original fragrance of the earth. I am the taste in water. I am the heat in fire and the sound in space. I am the light of the sun and moon and the life of all that lives.

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita (via ladyjungle)

The soul is the core of your being. Your body is in your soul. Your mind is in your soul. The whole universe is in your soul, and your soul is part of the universal consciousness.

Deepak Chopra (via tobegreatful)

If it’s both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it.



I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines, but whose integrity is greater than any rule book and whose loyalty is stronger than blood.

Jim Wern  (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

Be responsible for the energy you bring.

Feel inspired by your own existence.

Dae Lee (via raysofthesun)

That’s a great lid


sacred geometry

Hello Lovely

There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.

Jack Kerouac (via bobbycaputo)


(via dayzea)